We manufacture formulated electrolytes inorganic solvents for lithium-ion batteries and lithium primary batteries.

Sol-Rite™ formulated electrolytes in organic solvents, are used for lithium-ion batteries. The formulations are designed to meet the customer needs and to optimize the battery performance. Patented technologies and know-hows are incorporated into the formulations to control the solid electrolyte interface on cathode and anode.


Manufacture formulated electrolytes in organic solvents for lithium-ion batteries and lithiumprimary batteries.

Where are we located?

Cassel, Billingham

Our local area

Located at Tees Valley Chemical complex which is one of the largest chemical complex in the UK. Only 5 miles to Tees port provides easy and quick access to European market

How many employees do we have?

30 – 50

What type of roles do we have?

  • Process operators
  • Engineers
  • Laboratory analysts
  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Logistics