The Mitsubishi Chemical Group to Boost UK Production of SoarnoL™ EVOH Resin

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) hereby announces that it has decided to increase its annual production capacity of SoarnoL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin by 21,000 tons in the United Kingdom. The production increase is slated to take effect in July 2025 following the start of construction in April 2023.

SoarnoL™ is a high gas-barrier resin used to produce packaging materials that help prolong the flavor and quality of foods, resulting in reduced food waste. In addition, multilayer films containing SoarnoL™ are certified as highly recyclable in combination with the MCG Group’s recycling compatibilizer Soaresin™*. With increasing needs for eco-friendly products,  the MCG Group anticipates solid growth in global demand for SoarnoL™ in the coming years.

Positioning healthcare & life science as one of the most important strategic focus under the new management policy “Forging the future,” which was announced in December 2021, the MCG Group will continue to contribute to a sustainable food supply by developing and promoting food packaging materials and other high performance materials.

Reference: Annual production capacity of SoarnoL™ EVOH resin

Example of SoarnoL packaging

MCG holds a significant share in the EVOH market globally, and has three SoarnoL™ EVOH resin production sites in Japan, the US and the UK.

Production Site Current Production Capacity as of July 2022 Increased Production Capacity as of July 2025
Japan (Okayama Plant, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
US (Mitsubishi Chemical America Inc.)
UK (Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd.)

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